CASE # 572 (POSTED March 25, 2014, NOW SOLVED)

Dear Ader, Thanks for the wonderful service you are extending to our Parsi community.I wonder whether you could kindly help me in tracing my 3 friends,all are brothers, residing at Dalal Estate, Bombay Central. All had studied in St.Xaviers School, Bombay.Their names are: 1. Tehemton Furdoonji Vatcha. 2.Neville Furdoonji Vatcha. and 3.Khushru Furdoonji Vatcha. I believe Tehemton lives in Montreal Canada and the others in the USA.If anyone knows their current address oe email kindly email me at Many thanks. Behram Katrak. If you have any information, please write directly to and copy so it can be recorded as a solved case. Thank you. Be sure to mention the case #. You can track updates to cases by becoming our Facebook friend at or by joining us on

CASE # 572 (SOLVED AUGUST 18, 2014) Hi Behram (Katrak) and Ader (GandI):I am responding to your query for Tehemton and Khushroo Vatcha. Both live in Montreal, Canada. Their logistics are as follows: Tehemton: 3791 Linton Ave, Apt. 4, Montreal, QC H3S 1T3 with email as temvatch Khushroo: 2125 Grand Blvd., Apt. 202, Montreal, QC H4B 2W7 also with email kris99 Hope this helps out. Best regards Kelly F. Gheyara,

CASE # 572 (SOLVED AUGUST 18, 2014) Dear Ader, Thank you for publicising my query.I have been able to get in touch after 20 years with my friend Tehemton Vatcha in Montreal Canada. Mr Priyadarshan Pradhan and Dr.Kelly Ghyara very kindly informed me of Tehemton’s contact details and I have managed to get in touch with him after 2 decades.My sincere thanks to you as also to Mr.Priyadarshan Pradhan and Dr.Kelly Ghyara.
Behram P.Katrak

CASE # 572 (FURTHER SOLVED AUGUST 22, 2014) Dear Mr.Patel Thank you very much for your kind email on the above subject.I am glad to inform you that I have managed to trace Tehemton’s email details through THEMISSINGPARSI.COM portal. I am now in touch with him after a gap of over 25 years and we email each other regularly. I am living at Pune and my mobile number is 0082206xxxx. With thanks and best regards. Behram P.Katrak.

From: Minoo Patel <patmm@vsnl.comDear Sir, I am an ex Dalal Estate Resident. Before 1969 I was a  neignbour to the Vatcha Bros, but have lost all touch.I believe they used to stay in T Block 3rd Floor. A cousin of theirs Dr. Cawas M. Antia who was also my neighbor is now staying in Baltimore USA. I have also marked a copy to him.  If he has any further information, I hope he will send the same to you. I think he is on vacation right now. Some other old contacts of mine from Dalal Estate should also help. Please send me your phone number.Minoo M. Patel

3 thoughts on “CASE # 572 (POSTED March 25, 2014, NOW SOLVED)

  1. behram katrak

    Thank you very much for the information provided by you I have written to Tehemton and awaiting his reply.Will keep you posted of progress. Behram Katrak.

  2. behram phirozshaw katrak

    Dear adur
    Re: case #572 re:Tehemton F.Vatcha of Montreal posted on 25/3/2014 which is solved thanks to you.One of your readerPriyadarshan Pradhan very kindly emailed Tehemton’address in Montreal Canada and The letter I sent to Tehemton teach3d him rather late but he sent me an email reply and we are finally in touch after a lapse of nearly 25 long years.My sincere thanks to you as also to Priyadarshan for the
    Kind help in tracing him.You are doing a great job in helping to trace many missing Parsis.Keep up the good work.Sincerely,Behram Katrak.


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