CASE # 577 (POSTED JUNE 16, 2014, NOW SOLVED!)

Here are the details for the classmate I am looking for:
Name – Manek Patrawala
We went to High School together from 1968 to 1971 at St. Anthony’s High School in Aden,Yemen
The last I heard he was in Bombay in the seventies
I would appreciate it if you can find his contact info(e-mail would be great) and pass it along to me.
There is no urgency in getting touch with Manek.I was just thinking of the good old days and while talking to a Parsi friend who mentioned your website, I thought it might be worthwhile to try my luck and see if I could track Manek down.Thank You Rajendra Patel
If you have any information, please write directly to Rajendra Patel  
and copy so it can be recorded as a solved case. Thank you. Be sure to mention the case #. You can track updates to cases by becoming our Facebook friend at

CASE # 577 (SOLVED AUGUST 18, 2014)
From: Aspi Rabadi <> Subject: Manek Patrawala Manek Patrawala’s phone no. is 9198 xxxxxxxx and 91 222 xxxx xxxx
as informed to me from Mumbai. aspi.

Dear Aspi, Maneck Patrawala is a family friend of my family and we were in good contact when my parents were alive.   Unfortunately, after my mother passed away,  our contact is very limited.   Incidentally, he stays in the same colony as mine; Godrej Baug!   I am pleased to provide you his cell no – +XXXXXXXX.   His home no is  +91-22-XXXXXXX.   The last I heard about the patrawalas is that his wife hutoxi had gone to Australia to help in the delivery of her daughter, who has settled there.  I think maneck has become a grandfather of a beautiful baby girl. Maneck  works as an insurance surveyor but also sails as Captain for short trips to Middle-east.  He visited Aden a couple of times  in the last three years and always makes it a point to meet up Jeewan and spend some time with him.   I am sure with the phone details provided, your pal will be able to resume contact with maneck.  Unfortunately, I don’t have his e mail id so cant help you on that score. Thanks & Regards Hormazd Cooper

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