Hello Ader, You’ve helped me earlier locate a friend in Mumbai from my hostel days and I’m writing to help me out locate another friend.  His name Xerksis Boga, wife  Niloufer, not sure how many kids he’s got but knew his first son was Sohrab.  He lived in Atlanta Georgia almost 20 years back and don’t know where he’s currently in USA.  I’m visiting USA next month and thought of calling him if I can get the details through your wonderful website. Thanks & best regards Farida F. Dotiwalla  Farida F. Wadia (maiden name) If you have any information, please write directly to and so it can be recorded as a solved case. Thank you. Be sure to mention the case #. You can track updates to cases by becoming our Facebook friend at\

CASE # 580 (POSTED JUNE 16, 2014 SOLVED July 23 2014!) Farida and Ader, What a coincidence I just met them today in Orlando at their Annual Ghambar!  They have both moved to Orlando from the Atlanta area a few years ago and they do have a son Sohrab. I forwarded this email to their Cousin Roshan Moraes who is a good friend of ours and she will reach them and hopefully you all with have a successful reunion after all these years. Best wishes, Burjis Shroff MD Boca Raton, Fl

Hi Farida, You can reach Zerksis at 909-666-XXXX or contact him via email at He is my dad’s cousin and lived in Mahim. They’ve moved to Orlando, Florida now. Let me know if I can help you with anything else. PARVEEN WADIA email

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