CASE # 621 (Posted November, 15, 2016) Now Solved?

Dear Ader, My friend Zubin Madon suggested I contact you. I am trying to find out more about my father, Bahman Bhikhaji Italia. Not sure when he was born, but I was born 25th May 1969, to a mixed marriage. My mother was Scottish woman Jessie Moira Evans Italia (born Mackay). My father was probably born before Partition, perhaps in the 40s or 30s. They married on June 27th, 1968. Our home address was 18 Mary Road, Bath Island, Karachi in what was then “West Pakistan.” I believe he was an accountant by profession. My father moved to the UK; I believe in 1977, when Zia came to power. He died in 1980. Anything more you can find out would be helpful to me. I’ve always believed my surname was Italian (which puzzled me). I only recently discovered the Parsi connection, but it fits with many things I remember (esp a tale of the Tower of Silence, which impressed me as a child). Yours, Iona If you have any information, please write directly to and copy so it can be recorded as a solved case. Thank you. Be sure to mention the case #. You can track updates to cases by becoming our Facebook friend at

CASE # 621 (Posted November, 15, 2016) Now Solved?
Hi All, Missing Parsi site is being run by Ader Gandi who lives in No Cal he is doing a fantastic service connecting Parsis who have lost touch with friends and family. Boman Italia worked as an accountant in your dad’s Godrej uncle’s company. I guess Iona is trying to find more details about her late father. Maybe you both can throw some light on the matter. All details on the case and email addresses are given below. Stay well and best wishes.

I was contacted earlier about this and was asking people here in Karachi who would have recalled Boman and details of his life to add to my recollections. I had started preparing a write up, so will try and send it when convenient. I am happy that Iona wants to learn more her father and her Parsi roots. Please send her my regards and best wishes. Franey Irani

Dear Iona, I remember your father vividly. He visited Lahore and stayed with us frequently. We played a lot of card games together with other friends. He had a dry sense of humor, and was like a cheerful and affectionate gnome. He was quick witted and intelligent and pleasant with everyone. He was fond of Noshir and me and we looked forward to his visits. In fact Noshir, your dad and another bachelor, Rustom Bankwalla, had shared a flat in Karachi for some years. Noshir has a lot more details to share with you.
After his marriage Boman brought Fiona on a visit to us in Lahore, and we took both of them to Nathyagali, our house in the mountains. Your mother was rather quiet and reserved. We were excited to learn from her that Twiggy, the phenomenally famous British model, was her sister. Iona, I’m sure you know all about Twiggy. I hope this information has been somewhat helpful in creating a fuller image of your father. I would like to know more about you and your life if you would care to share it with me. With best wishes, Bapsi Sidhwa.
-Bapsi Sidhwa


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