Helping find Missing Parsis and Zoroastrians

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My name is Ader Gandi and I live in San Francisco, California, USA. My email address is AderGandi@gmail.com.

I, along with Yazdi Tantra in Bombay, started TheMissingParsi.com on October 1st. 2005.

Our idea behind the TheMissingParsi.com is simple: use the power of the Internet to help fellow Parsis and Zor houroastrians connect with people they have lost touch with.

This idea came to me as a result of the many requests from fellow Parsis all over the world who would ask if I knew of someone they used to know, who they had since lost touch with, and could I help them find the person. I would get these requests because I am the founder of www.TheParsiChronicle.com which is visited by 300 people daily.

Here is an article that appeared in the DNA about TheMissingParsi.

You can write me an email at AderGandi@gmail.com providing me with the details of the missing Parsi in your life. The more detail you provide, the more chances of finding the person: their approximate age, how and where you knew them from, their married and maiden names, when and where you had last contact with them, joint friends you knew, etc. PLEASE ADD “MISSING PARSI” IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF THE EMAIL, OTHERWISE YOUR EMAIL MAY NEVER REACH ME.

I will post your email on this web site, and on our Facebook Page, TheMissingParsi. You can become our Facebook friend by clicking onhttp://www.facebook.com/people/Missing-Parsi/100002437887842 Both the web site and the Facebook page is now being read by thousands of Parsi Zoroastrians world wide. Hopefully one of them will know the whereabouts of your missing Parsi and will respond directly to you and to me. To avoid any possible abuse of your email, you may ask me not to list your email or have me subsequently remove your email. However this will possibly reduce the number of successful responses you will get from people having knowledge about your case.


I (Ader Gandi) reserve the right to not post certain requests on www.TheMissingParsi.com

To see our current listing of missing Parsis, click here

Here is an article that appeared in the magazine Time Out Mumbai, Valentines Day, 2010, about the www.TheMissingParsi.com

The link for the article is http://www.timeoutmumbai.net/mumbailocal/mumbailocal_details.asp?code=221&source=1

Desperately seeking Zubin? Find him with TheMissingParsi.com, says Zeenat Nagree.

Few of us can be certain of a happy ending, especially when it comes to tracking down an old friend. But if its a Parsi you seek, keep room for a little faith, like R P Singh did. Singh first met Kersi Gandhi in the early 1970s when Gandhi was a crop-spraying pilot. Gandhi went on to join Indian Airlines and the two lost touch, last meeting only in the mid-nineties when Gandhi was a prisoner in England. If not for Ader Gandis TheMissingParsi.com, Singh would have had little chance of locating his friend. He posted a description of Gandhi on the site and from an extensive network of Parsi people and their acquaintances, neighbours and friends around the world emerged someone who knew Gandhi and helped the friends reunite.

Over 125 such success stories find place on Ader Gandis webpage. However, when friends first heard the name of his site in 2005, they laughed, comparing it with The Last of the Mohicans. Gandi, however, believed the name was catchy and would serve its purpose of helping people reconnect.

TheMissingParsi.com, has come a long way since. The forum, essentially a trail of short descriptions of the people with whom visitors have lost touch, receives over 100 hits a day, and claims to have solved over 50 per cent of the 250 listed cases.

“These missing Parsis have been found because we are a very tight-knit community. Besides, it helps that many Parsis have unique names,” said Gandi, who lives in San Francisco. He screens every request and acts as a go-between for applicants and respondants on the website.

The page has generated considerable interest within the community and sees spurts in online traffic following national and international Parsi conventions, at which awareness spreads through word of mouth.

Gandi has been frequenting Mumbai, the largest home for Parsis across the world, since 2003. Thats the year he set up TheParsiChronicle.com, which featured community news clippings from across the world. “Those who read the Chronicle assumed I knew everything about the community, from the value of a Parsi artefact to the whereabouts of a friend they lost touch with,”said Gandi. It was a simple solution: to use the internet to help people reconnect.

Not all of his efforts have been well received. A few people have taken offence. “They didnt want to be branded missing and objected to being listed on the page,”he said.

Here is an article that appeared in the Hindustan Times about TheMissingParsi.


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Vinu

    Hi, Am I glad to come across your site. I write in the hope that you may be able to help. I am here to find one of my best friend Mahajabeen Irani, she was staying somewhere behind the Parsi Dairy Farm Restaurant at Marine Lines. There is also a Parsi Colony I believe. . I lost in touch with her during 1990-1991. We became very good friend when she was working with YMCA International House Mumbai Central in early 1990′s and I was doing my HIMC from YMCA during those days. She might be now around 47-48 yrs. She was staying in Parsi colony at Dadar-Matunga Rd. I would be really grateful if someone would try to help me my best friend I ever had. my email id is vinukumaran@gmail.com Best Regards, Vinu

  2. shilpa

    my mother kusum machaya wants to get in touch with her long lost friend kurshid kalyaniwala now Kurshid Daruwala who used to reside at Grant Road Mumbai.She studied at KC college Churchgate in the year 1968……….hoping to reunite them…..

  3. Leena Taneja Rao

    Hi Ader, I’ve been trying for years to track my very dear friend, Geeta (nee Framjee) Billimoria. We were together in Bombay from 1969-71, and off and on after that. Her mother was Pilloo Framjee, and she (Geeta) had been educated in England. She later joined Air India as an air hostess. I last met her in Switzerland in 1991 – where she had settled with her husband and two sons. Unfortunately, I lost touch with her after she changed her address. I would really like to have news of her, and would be very grateful if anyone can give me some information.

    1. Maki Elavia-Mehta

      It sounds like the same Gita billimoria i know. She lives in Poona….with her husband jimmy….i do not have her email or address but can get it for you if you are still in search of her….maki

    2. Geeta Billimoria

      Leena, its me Geeta!
      My school friend Cressida who i hadnt met for 50 years arrived today.and we are both ecstatic! It’s unbelievable. She says you helped her find me.
      Now within hours of her being here, she found you!
      I hope you get this message and we can connect. This is cressidas ipad.
      Hoping to hear from you.

  4. Cressida Potter

    Hello Leena, by coincidence, I too have been looking for my old friend Geeta Framjee. This is definitely the same Geeta, her mother was Pilloo and we were educated together in Broadstairs, England. After leaving school we enjoyed two great European holidays together and many adventures in the UK. Geeta returned to India in 1969, but we kept in touch, via letters, until about the mid 1970s. I well recall her phoning me (in London) from Moscow whilst she was working as an air stewardess for Air India, Moscow being the nearest she could get to Europe! I too would dearly like to know what happened to her. Indeed it was great to hear that she had narried and had two sons.
    Kind regards
    Cressida Potter (nee Judd)

  5. Juzer Jangbarwala

    I am looking for Hoshang Patel. He was my colleague in St Patrick’s High School in Karachi Pakistan. He left for London circa 1973. He would be about 57 now.
    Would appreciate it if any info about his whereabouts can be shared.

  6. Jayshree

    I would appreciate your help in finding Joyce Hooker who was a teacher in a school in Dar es dalaam in 60′ s
    Her father was a Parsi residing in Mombasa, Kenya.
    Ms. Joyce ‘s mother was from Seychelles

  7. Khudadad

    My uncle athar madood is looking for any friend or family member of Brigadier J F Golwala in lahore Pakistan in 1971 He helped my uncle my uncle wants to thank his family

  8. Danny


    I had a classmate in St Pat’s Karachi and were together when we passed out in 1956. His name was Kaikashru Baria and his elder brother was a Doctor. Both moved to USA/Canada. I don’t know if either one is alive. Can you find out? Specially if Kaikashru has passed away do we have his children around?


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