CASE # 637 (Posted January 24, 2018 via FACEBOOK) Solved (June 22, 2021)

Multiple sources: 1) Fali, I am not on face book. The Pervez Patel I know should be my age or bit older and he is a priest in NYC running an insurance business. His email is Rest I leave to you Aban Rustomji <>
2) Hi Ader, My name is Xerxes Antia and my wifeโ€™s friend forwarded this Missing Parsi link. We live in NJ. Ervad Pervez Patel lives in NY and his email: I think Ms. Vandrewala might be looking for Ervad Darius Antia from NY. He recently passed away. Please pass on this information to Ms. Vandrewalla. I do not have a Facebook account. Thank you for everything that you do. Regards, Xerxes Antia <>
3) Arzan Sam Wadia (Facebook) Hi Ader Gandi and Missing Parsi Pervez Uncle’s email is and Darius Antia sadly passed away recently. You can reach his wife Hill Aunty and/or his daughter Shiraz at <>
4) Roy Wadia (Facebook) I was just about to share that information as well, gleaned from Attorney Cyrus Mehta in New York.
CASE # 637 (Posted January 24, 2018 via FACEBOOK) Aderโ€ฆ i m looking for a parsi dasturji named pervez patel in new york. Also another dasturji named Antia in new york. Can u pl help. Rhoda Vandrewala. If you have any information, please write directly to Rhoda Vandrewala on FACEBOOK and copy so it can be recorded as a solved case. Thank you. Be sure to mention the case #. You can track updates to cases by becoming our Facebook friend at

1 thought on “CASE # 637 (Posted January 24, 2018 via FACEBOOK) Solved (June 22, 2021)

  1. Khushnuman Patel

    I think i know Parvez Patel in New York and fairly certain he’d know about Dasturji Antia. Parvez Patel can be reached at 9178224132.


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